Transit Camp NYC 2019!

October 16, 2019

I went to Transit Camp NYC 2019 and had a wonderful time! I heard about the event from some mutual friends. I was really into civic tech which I think is a subset of transit planning. It is really exciting to hear about grass root organizing and transit organization meeting together to talk about big ideas.

The whole day was full of unconferences that made it a dynamic conference set by the people there in the room.

Here are my long form notes from the event.


  • There was many transit planners from local and regional municipalities focusing mostly new york greater area.
  • The unconference format of open ended discussion wasn’t as productive as I hoped; participants had strong positions that made it hard to have good faith discussions in a 45 minute period.
  • The New York one is organized by the an NYU student transit association.
  • I would totally go back next year!