Blog Necromancer

October 31, 2016

Pardon the Cobwebs

It’s only fitting that we raise the dead on Halloween. When I first started out developing, I was encouraged to write down more of my day to day insight so I could share and reflect. I started with [Jekyll] ( originally for my blog. I was really proud of it but after a while and my lack of using Ruby on any of my system I gave it up.

I migrated later on to Hexo, a Node based markdown editor that was fast and had some beautiful templates. It also migrated 1-1 for the original Jekyll blog. I started getting into a blogging frenzy, but often it was written the notes down now, and come back later to clean it up. (Of course, I never came back).

As I got busy and less keen on updating the blog, it fell to a state of staleness. Briefly, I moved my blog to Medium but that didn’t last long. Medium is a great platform for sharing stories but not the best at sharing code or giving more fine grain control. Also, it felt harder to publish when there were hundreds of followers going to read your half-baked blog post.

I took time in preparation for Recurse Center to reboot my blog and at least vow to put together an entry a week with project-based one for my records. I’ll at least take some pictures and create at least a photo blog at least.

The new blog is rebooted with the Cactus theme built with Hugo. It’s great, simplistic and gives me enough flexibility to make some small tweaks here and there. I rescued a few of my old blog entries and are reaggregating them here.

Look forward to better quality posts and as always reach out and say hello!