Google Glass: First Impressions

January 11, 2014

Wearing glass in the wild is a very social experience. Often it draws a few stares and people are curious, is it on or is it off? What does it do.

This blog reflecting on a developer who returned glass after 30 days struck


Voice - the gdk offered voice recognition is amazing good, and its suprising that this is performed on the client side. Also new apps sideloaded also can have their apps specified by the voicd command trigger predefined. Way cool

Gestures - the gestures upon investigating the SDK are familiar to many hardware devices. A combination of core controls and experiences are made with, a full gesture, eye detector and

Media - with 12 gigs it has ample storage for videos,music and pictures However doing any of the first activities will kill the batteries and attribute to a pour experience.

View screen - the view screen takes up no more than approximately 20% of your vision space of your right eye. If you position it correctly, i’m wagering you will forget you’re even wearing it. I can conjecture your height plays a major factor, as a taller person (6’0) my height is slightly above the average. Therefore speaking to people or any activity usually is on the bottom peripheral of my vision.