Google Glass at MHacks

January 17, 2014

These are some notes over the night of January 17-19th for Mhacks_III in its Raw blog form. My friend Jose and I both brought our Google Glass and we were determined to build a cool Google glass Hack at MHacks this year in Detroit.

The hack: Codename Archimedies

using the glass as a medical device for assisted living. Tech used.

  • Mirror API
  • Bootstrap
  • PHP/Yii
  • MySQL


The hackathon was spread across the ‘Qube’, Chase, and Federal Building. Many felt like we drew the shortend of the stick when we got crammed in the Federal building. A trending novelty account was even created called ‘@mhacksAnnex’. Understandably the number one issue was logistics and the sheer number of hackers.


The food ranged from subpar to delicious. Agreeably the food was crazy delicious, (ie the sandwiches) to weird (cheese chicken and rice). It was straight weird. Back to the problem, how would you feed 1200 people.

MirrorAPI is making me mad

Midway through Saturday Morning we got rate limited by the Mirror API. It took a full half-hour for me to each see it. One of the Evangelist @ws suggested Mirror either was down or we were being rate limited. Either way spinning new instances of the mirror api didn’t solve the issue.

In the end @Mmming one of the glass reps increased our rate limit and whitelisted the IP. For future reference one of the tips is to actually clear your client authorization also beforehand.


Overall presentation went alright; with 220+ hacks being demoed and presented it was insane. We got to talk to a few cool folks and startup founders.

Congrats to the winners and until the next hackathon..

Random thoughts

on osx

Locate your DB
sudo /usr/libexec/locate.updatedb