Quick Serve it!

January 31, 2014

Sometimes you need to serve a directory to a group in a small room.

Using Node

npm install http-server -g
# another port
# http-server -p 9080

Want to run it forever in production? Run it forever

 forever start ../node_modules/http-server/bin/http-server
 # path the last argument to http-server and path it to where you want

Using Python

python -m SimpleHTTPServer
# specify port number via python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8080

Using Php

php -S 8080
# works for php 5.4 and up, php has its own package
#or stick something on your /var/www bin and profit.

Want to share some files? use wget or curl Localhost is your website.

a specific file

Using Curl

curl -O http://localhost:port/FILE.TXT
curl -O http://localhost:port/PIC.PNG

Using Wget Always works for me, included no parent and recursive to only get the desired directory.

 wget --no-parent -r  http://localhost:port/DIRECTORY